DO NOT rent from this company no matter were you are at! Dealing with the supervisor in my area (ft worth, tx) Marsha, she is very rude and hung up on me several times!

Called corporate to report it and things going on with the apartment, nobody got back ahold of me or tried to resolve anything with my issue! Worst people to deal with right up to corporate.

It's ridiculous how they can still be in business! They have no training on customer service and lack manners, please don't make the mistake we did in renting a property.

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We have been trying to resolve issues with the same people in Fort Worth. They are liars and irresponsible, snotty and childish.

If you don't appeal to their emotions, you're screwed. Logic is not acceptable to them.

It's a bunch of miserable psychosis. They don't need jobs, they need therapy before they work there.


I did leave at one in ft worth Texas off of Calmont ave . they are very rude people and will mess up your rental history with their outlandish lieing ***.

And putting derogatory mess on your rental history shame one them to mess up someone's rental.


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